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“The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is.”

-Marguerite De Valois 

The velvet legs of a hunting spider entrap the body while the smooth scales of a serpent curve around the body, choking it in it’s grasp. This collection of shapewear was inspired by arachnids and vipers; animals whose venom serves them as a silent assassin.   The designs embody the soft and subtle, yet, overwhelming power of these creatures. With a variety of style lines that coil around the garments these pieces fit and flatter the wearer. Velvet, satin and lace overlap, forming multi-textured surfaces which fuse into a collection of   contouring shapewear.     The client is a self-aware, seductive woman who knows how sexy she is and demands more of her innerwear than mere sensuality. She desires the same risque edge to her wardrobe as she embodies in her life. Like the stealthy venomous creatures of the jungle she is  a silent seductress in bright colors and unapologetic power.  

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