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It never was and never will be. It was a wisp of a fantasy, a beautiful world that contained no realism. A dust covered dream that has been forgotten with time. Layers upon layers of experiences and memories have built up over the years. Bright colors have faded along with flavors and smells of childhood moments that all blend into a nostalgic melodic fusion of long-gone imagination. 

This ethereal concept is interpreted into sleepwear garments of light chiffon and satin with insets of colorful lace. Top stitched organza gathers into fluffy clouds of sheer and luxurious surfaces that wrap the body. Gathers, pleats and low necklines are sprinkled among the pieces allowing movement and comfort in the more structured pieces. The ultra-sweet colors of nostalgia combine with lavishly intricate Chantilly lace to form a sophisticated dreamy collection of versatile sleepwear pieces.  

Flats for website 1
Flats for website 4b
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